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When you and your staff spend time managing administrative and other non-revenue generating activities, you reduce your ability to increase sales, collect revenues, and tend to the core functions of your business. OCI-HR's suite of HR solutions removes these unproductive activities from your day-to-day responsibilities, giving you the flexibility and freedom to grow your business.
We are an independent consultant that works for you, the client, as opposed to working for a specific company. We have access to almost every major vendor in the market, representing only PEO's and ASO's with proven track records to take the guesswork out of selecting your HR partner.
Proven Results:
  • Improve cash flow and predictability in operating costs
  • Outsource employer responsibilities and liabilities
  • Save time on non-productive administrative functions
  • Improved focus on bottom line activities
  • Reduce vulnerability to key employee turnover
  • Eliminate w.c. down payments and premium audits
  • Create operating leverage
  • Enhance perceived value of benefits
  • Reduce internal accounting costs
  • Provide professional compliance (e.g., payroll, HR, EEOC, IRCA, COBRA, FMLA)

  • Since December 2004, employment at small businesses using PEOs has grown more than 7 percent faster than at small businesses overall.
  • The average overall employee turnover rate in the United States is approximately 42 percent per year, but that figure drops 14% for companies that used PEOs for at least four quarters.
  • Businesses that use PEOs are 50 percent less likely to permanently go out of business from one year to the next when compared to similar companies in the population as a whole.

Source: NAPEO.com

OCI-HR allowed us to reduce our administrative overhead and take better care of our employees. I used to think we couldn't afford to outsource our HR - now I know we can't afford not to.

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