HR Technology

PEO’s offer a comprehensive set of technology solutions to help you manage your human capital. Their programs are designed to enhance, not replace, an existing HR department. And if your company isn’t large enough to afford an HR department, their programs can help you create HR systems and practices that add to the bottom line.

Partial List of PEO Services for Human Resources

  • Human resource consulting via telephone (or on-site) as needed
  • Provide legally required labor postings
  • Assist with SUTA claims, hearings and appeals
  • Develop customized employee handbook and update as needed
  • Provide all human resource forms and employee paperwork
  • Provide employee job descriptions
  • Assist in managing and resolving employee conflicts
  • Assisting with employee performance reviews
  • Provide assistance in wrongful termination claims
  • Assist in the event of federal wage and hour claims

And much more…

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