OCI-HR is an experienced  premier consultant referral source  that places businesses with the right tailored HR solution.  We find resources for small and mid-sized businesses in the areas of payroll, employee benefits, compliance issues, and HR technology.

With over 20 years of experience in the HR industry, we have access to multiple PEO’s (Professional Employee Organizations) and ASO’s (Administrative Services Organizations) that will solve HR issues. Having access to multiple vendors gives our clients the options they need.

Giving our clients options set us apart from our competition in that we work for the client, as opposed to working for any specific PEO or ASO.

 We have a large variety of businesses that we consult, including medical offices, home builders/construction, auto repair shops, technology, printing, farms, engineer groups, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, telecommunications, oil field industry, banks, restaurants, and property management.

Our goal is to provide the best cost productive resources with the best HR services possible. Simply:  our clients to have increased profitability and productivity and decreased liability and labor cost.  The businesses that we work with are able to reduce their liability, potentially save thousands of dollars per year, have peace of mind that they are in compliance, and proudly offer quality benefits to their employees.

HR needs can be complex and time consuming, yet successful businesses recognize that good HR solutions allow employee satisfaction to thrive. A satisfied employee workforce allows the business to thrive.  OCI-HR desires to simplify HR needs for businesses so they can focus on the business of running their business.