Are You Getting What You Pay For?

If you own or run a business, it just makes sense to make sure you are getting the services you think you are getting. So when it comes to who you depend on to provide HR and payroll services,  here are three things I would recommend that you consider doing every 2 to 3 years.

  1. Meet with your current vendor and review your needs and compare your needs to what they offer. What matched up 3 years ago, might not match up today. Your companies’s needs may have changed or the services of your vendor may have changed. You never know, they may have enhanced what they offer and you may not be aware of a new service that has been recently added. This will also remind them to not take you for granted. If you find they are to busy to sit and down and do a review, it maybe time to move on.
  2. Do some research for yourself and see what laws and regulations that apply your company. Make sure your current vendor and or new vendor that you are considering has the the ability to address your specific needs
  3. Be willing to shop. Just because you shop doesn’t mean you have to make any changes. That being said, sometimes change is necessary to make sure you are not the one sending the e-mail “Unbelievable”. If your current vendor is not providing a complete solution or if they are not competitive, it maybe time to make a change.   If you are currently using multiple vendors ie one for payroll, another one for ACA compliance,  and another one for HR and government compliance, and yet another one for employee benefits administration, you may want to consider the advantages of having one vendor that can handle all of your needs. Their are several great Professional Employer Organizations and HR companies that have the ability to handle everything in one package. That should make your life much easier and save you time and limit your liability.

If you decide to shop, make sure you go a reliable source. I would suggest going to a independent consultant as opposed to going to a directly to a vendor. The independent consultant should work for you as opposed to working on behalf of the vendor. If you do decide to go direct, get a least 2-3 proposals and make sure you meet with each one in person. They need to hear your expectations and your requirements in person. In today’s business environment, it makes all the sense in world to outsource those things that do not make you money and steal your time. Things like HR, payroll, employee benefits administration, and compliance are necessary evil of running business and they need to be done correctly. Just make sure you are getting services that you are paying for.

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