I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing PEOs the past 22 years. I have seen several PEOs work to improve customer service, technology, products, and became a real HR partner to the clients they serve. While no one was really prepared for COVID 19, a lot of the PEOs I work with have […]

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Can A PEO Help My Business?

As a business owner, have you ever wished for a simple way to manage the unproductive parts of your business? You know, those things that either need to be done or have to be done, but yet don’t really add anything to the bottom line. Well, there is a solution: a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). […]

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Guide to FMLA

I get the opportunity to have a lot of discussions surrounding Human Resources and employer/employee issues. With almost every HR professional or business owner I have the privilege to visit with, compliance and the fear of being out of compliance is always a hot topic. Government regulations like, COBRA, Wage and Hour, and FMLA are […]

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Outsourcing… Not A Bad Word

By:  Steve Freeman, owner and CEO of OCI-HR…. Outsourcing Human Resources, either totally or in part, is not a new concept. A few years ago the phrase “outsourcing” got a bad name. It had nothing to do with human resources or payroll, it was more to do with outsourcing jobs (mainly IT) to other countries. […]

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What is my ROI?

Almost every time a business owner is asked to spend money they ask one simple question, “What is my ROI?” We always learn in sales training, “People only buy for two reasons… pain or gain.”  The buyer either has pain your product or service can relieve, or your product or service will enable them to […]

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