Separate Yourself from the Pack

    For Business owners who have decided to not offer health insurance to their employees… Back in 2009, when President Obama, first laid out his plans for what would become known as Obamacare (ACA), we were promised better. Better plans, better pricing, and better access. For most of us, none of this has become […]

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It’s Just Not that Funny

      Back in the day, workers in both the blue collar world and the white collar world joked around with co-workers about things that were, let’s say, sexually sensitive.   I remember working in a couple of warehouses where jokes and insults and harassment were constant.  When I moved to the white collar world, […]

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Risky Business- Not the Movie

    Owning a business is risky business. By nature, humans are creative.  We like to build big beautiful buildings, turn a white canvas into a beautiful work of art, discover new worlds and new technologies, and invent new ways of doing things. These creative ideas often lead to a business, which often leads to […]

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